Mini Gears Group at AIX 2017

Nigel, Dave and Peter showcasing our aerospace machined components, gears and racks at AIX 2017

Mini Gears Group – Aerospace Division is proud to be part of the Aircraft Seating supply chain and we thank everyone who came onto our stand at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg last week. It was a very rewarding show and a good opportunity to meet our current Aircraft Seating customers and potential new ones!

The journey home was a different story – just as we were about to leave the exhibition halls on Friday morning there came a prolonged hiss from the front tyre and that was the start of a very long day!  Driving on the spare tyre, limited to 50 mph (80 kph), having not had success sourcing a new one, a 6 hour journey to the ferry port at Rotterdam turned into a 9 hour one, with very fraught lorry drivers stuck behind us on the motorways!  With trucks flashing their headlights and too close to the back bumper for comfort, we only just managed to drive onto the ferry 3 minutes before the gates shut!

Back in the UK and ready for the Easter Break we wish you all a Happy Easter and look forward to receiving your machining enquiries.