Manufacturing for the Aircraft Seating Industry

Are you sitting comfortably? We hope so, as this is an important factor of seat design and something Mini Gears is renowned for. A new market for us in 2010 drew on our years of experience in rack and pinion manufacture and then led on to a complete new area of machined parts in a highly visible environment which has been a great success.

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Aircraft Seating Industry

1st class aircraft seating

Painted Aluminium machined parts

How can we help you with your seating mechanism?

Mini Gears has been manufacturing racks and pinions for many years and our team of engineers has been very innovative in assisting our aircraft seating customers with the comfort and reliability of their product; 1st class aircraft seats.

With our specialist knowledge in this field we have been able to modify the pinion to give a better roll and added a different finish to give a longer product life.

Mini Gears manufactures a range of gears and racks for many applications, please see our product pages and gear cutting for more information.

Racks and Pinions

Racks and Pinions

Improving strength at the same time as reducing costs

Following our success in improving the seat mechanism and reliability we were asked to look at machining aluminium components for privacy screens in 1st class. This has really pushed our company forward into a new area of work and the team at Mini Gears really rose to the challenge!

High Precision Aluminium Parts

Highly visible painted aluminium kits for 1st class aircraft seating

We invested in a ‘3D’ CAM modelling package and after training key staff we commenced manufacture to current drawings. The engineers at Mini Gears realised that there was a better way of manufacturing these components and purchased a Dah Lih MCV 1200 vertical machining centre which has a very high spindle speed of 15,000rpm used for machining aluminium.

The frames were previously made in 3 parts and welded together, we now manufacture the entire frame from solid which has improved the finish, quality and cost of the item and made it 50% stronger.

Aircraft seating parts are highly visible and must look pristine so we take great care with how we deliver these components. Mini Gears specially designed the packaging for these aircraft parts which are packed as a kit and used for Kanban deliveries.

Dah Lih MCV 1200 VMC

Dah Lih MCV 1200 VMC for machining aluminium

Machining for the aircraft seating industry

Machining for the aircraft seating industry

Mini Gears specially designed packaging for aircraft parts

Mini Gears specially designed packaging for aircraft parts

Mini Gears is now a member of the Northwest Aerospace Alliance

We are accredited to AS9100D & ISO9001:2015 and a Tier 2 supplier to the Aerospace Sector.

Table latch

Table latch

Components we manufacture for the Aircraft Seating Industry include:

  • Table Plate Support Hinges
  • Seat Supports
  • Rail Supports
  • Cocktail Trays
  • Plus other ancillary products for this market

Why choose Mini Gears?

Mini Gears has become our first point of contact for new gear designs and actively support us in providing robust and quality gearing solutions for our products. Mini Gears’ use of returnable packaging and kit structures are used as a gold sample within our aerospace sites worldwide regarding how items should be structured packed and delivered.
Aircraft Seating Industry

Mini Gears is well renowned for input into design and cost saving ideas for machining requirements and we have helped many of our customers achieve their optimum target design as well as help reduce manufacturing costs.

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