Manufacturing for the Nuclear Industry

Full traceability and 100% accuracy are critical factors when manufacturing components for the Nuclear Industry. Mini Gears has the specialist engineering knowledge, processes and equipment to ensure these stringent requirements are achieved.

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Nuclear Industry

Nuclear Industry

Gears for Nuclear Industry

Manufacturing for the Nuclear Industry

How our experience is being applied

Mini Gears entered the Nuclear sector in 2014 supplying gear related products. Our knowledge on gear manufacture and our involvement with the development and improvement on all types of gear applications since 1966, together with huge investment in hi-tech machinery and testing equipment, has enabled Mini Gears to move into these specialist areas. We now offer advice to Tier 1 suppliers who supply parts into Nuclear facilities directly.

 Gleason 350GMS Inspection

Gears are 100% inspected on our Gleason 350GMS Analytical Gear Inspection System

Full traceability for every component we manufacture for the Nuclear Industry

Gear Grinding for the manufacture of high precision gears

Mini Gears apply 100% inspection on all Nuclear products using full CNC Gear Inspection equipment – backed up with documentation to support the process as full traceability is required.

Mini Gears uses CNC CMM inspection equipment for machined parts but gear inspection is done on a Gleason 350 GMS machine. This offers measurements of gear accuracy up to DIN 2 (AGMA 12) which include graphs of lead profile and involute form with tooth to tooth and total composite error.

This is matched with the 2 Hoefler CNC Gear Grinding Machines. The ability to grind and inspect to such high standards has helped Mini Gears to reduce noise and improve products for customers who require quieter units in areas where noise is an issue, also to improve the roll of gears where smoother applications are required.

Components we manufacture to the Nuclear Industry include:

Why choose Mini Gears?

Mini Gears is well renowned for input into design and cost saving ideas for machining requirements and we have helped many of our customers achieve their optimum target design as well as help reduce manufacturing costs.

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