Manufacturing for the Stairlift and Medical Lifting Equipment Industries

As safety and comfort are of greatest importance when manufacturing components for Stairlifts and Medical lifting equipment, engineering innovation plays a major role in the ongoing product development that we continually see in these industries. We are proud to be a part of manufacturing to support mobility.

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Lifting Hoists

Lifting Hoists

A range of components supplied to the Stairlift & Medical Lifting Equipment Industries

We manufacture and supply gears, racks and machined components for the manufacture of Stairlifts and Lifting Hoists

Mini Gears is a subcontract engineering company with specialist engineering knowledge in the manufacture of gears. Taking up an opportunity to improve the ride quality of a stairlift many years ago, we applied these skills, invested in machinery and commenced manufacturing gear racks for the stairlift industry in 1995.

With our team of engineers, dedicated to improving the performance of our customers’ products, we have had a major input into rack and pinion designs used in lifting mechanisms and our most beneficial innovation is our development of a specialist tooth profile that makes a stairlift run quiet and smooth which has helped the end user enormously.

The stairlift industry has grown to be a large part of our business and we supply to customers in the UK, Europe and America, manufacturing 762,000 metres (2.5 million feet) of gear rack per annum.

Huge investment in machinery for manufacturing for the Stairlift Market

Components we supply to the stairlift & medical market:

Racks and Pinions for use in Stairlifts and Medical Lifting Hoists

Cluster Housing

Why choose Mini Gears?

Mini Gears has a very enthusiastic team. They continue to set many benchmarks for our other suppliers with their continual new innovations and constant new ideas. Couple this with the Kan Ban deliveries to our factories, Mini Gears always deliver a high quality product on time within a very competitive package
a leading Stairlift Manufacturer

Mini Gears is well renowned for input into design and cost saving ideas for machining requirements and we have helped many of our customers achieve their optimum target design as well as help reduce manufacturing costs.

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