A full range of high precision components manufactured to your bespoke requirements

High Precision Machined Parts

High Precision Machined Parts

Mini Gears manufactures high precision machined parts to many industries including:

  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
  • Aircraft Seating
  • Stairlift & Medical
  • Autosport
  • Low volume automotive
  • M.o.D.
  • Marine
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Power transmission

Mini Gears has been manufacturing high precision machined components for a wide range of industries since 2007 and, with continual investment in hi-tech machine tools, this area has grown to be a large part of our business.

What can Mini Gears offer you?

With 5 axis CNC ‘one hit’ machining, heavy duty turning and milling machines and full CAD/CAM facilities; we are able to manufacture complex machined parts to your drawing specifications and, if required, gear cut the part. We can also import and manufacture to solid models from any 3D modelling package.

Our machined parts manufacturing capabilities include:

Valve Parts Exotic Materials

Precision machined valve parts made from specialist exotic materials

  • Safety critical precision components for high end valve applications; offshore, topside and subsea
  • Painted aluminium ‘kits’ for 1st class aircraft seating
  • Brake parts for stairlifts
  • Components for portable equipment for on-site machining operations: offshore, underground
  • Splined hubs for high performance engines
  • High visibility aircraft interior components

Plus many other applications for the industries we serve

Painted aluminium machined 'kits' for 1st class aircraft seating

Painted aluminium machined ‘kits’ for 1st class aircraft seating

Torque Wrench Cylinder

Torque Wrench cylinder & valve components

Mini Gears has invested heavily in machinery and tooling to support our product line, this coupled with their excellent engineering knowledge has made them currently one of our best suppliers for on time delivery and quality
High Precision Valve Industry

Turning up to 600 mm dia. Length: 1030mm
Milling up to 3 Metres long.


Ferrous: Various grades of steel including Exotic Steels: Super Duplex, Duplex, Inconel & Stainless
Non-ferrous: Aluminium, Brass & Bronze
Other materials – available on request

Precision Machined Part Stairlift Ind

Precision machined part for the stairlift industry

Splined Hub Autosport Ind

Splined hub for the Autosport Industry

Mini Gears is well renowned for input into design and cost saving ideas for machining requirements and we have helped many of our customers achieve their optimum target design as well as help reduce manufacturing costs.

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