Complex machined parts are manufactured in a single set up on our powerful 5 axis CNC multi-tasking machines

Mini Gears has a range of Mazak Integrex® 5 axis CNC machine tools which enables us to manufacture machined parts for specialist markets where high accuracy between multiple operations is critical.

5 axis CNC Machined Parts

A range of machined parts made from exotic materials

Mazak Integrex

Mazak Integrex 5 axis CNC machining area

  • Complex machined parts and gears are expertly manufactured in a single set up from a solid bar or raw material including steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium castings, forgings and even heat treated steel.
  • In one set up, without having to remove the component from the chuck, components are turned, milled, drilled and, where applicable, gear cut and come off the machine as a finished part. This eliminates multiple set ups, fixtures, tools, handling and waiting time which add to manufacturing costs. Also, by eliminating multiple set ups the accuracy of the component is greatly improved.
  • All our Mazak 5 axis CNC lathes are equipped with Renishaw probing.
  • We are able to generate complex programmes from solid models using FeatureCAM 3D modelling software.

Manufacture of a single component in one set up:

Solid bar placed in chuck

Solid Bar / Raw material is placed onto the chuck on the machine

Solid bar turned millied drilled

The raw material is turned, milled, drilled (& gear cut if applicable) in a single set up

Finished component on 5 axis machine

Finished component can now be prepared for despatch to customer

Manufacture of multiple components in one set up:

Profile 7 parts on plate

Profile 7 parts in one plate and machine deburred on both sides

Plate loaded onto fixture

Plates loaded onto fixture (one in each chuck). Outside profiles of all 14 parts are machined

Individual finished component

Washers and nuts removed and all 14 parts come off machine as individual finished and deburred components

Reduced set up times with tool presetting

As Mini Gears manufactures a vast range of machined components for the many industries we serve, quick machine set up time between production jobs is paramount to our efficiency.

Nikken Tool Presetter

Nikken Tool Presetter

  • Investing in a Nikken Tool Presetter has enabled our engineers to prepare tooling for the next production job in advance of set up, without interupting current machining.
  • The tool lengths and diameters are read by the presetter and stored on a linked computer, eliminating the need to measure the tools when loaded into the Mazak CNC Lathes and therefore greatly reducing the set up time.
  • At machine set up the cutting tools are loaded into the lathe. The Mazak reads the data chips on the tools and pulls the cutting tool information from the computer.
Integrex® 300-IV ST 200-IV S
Chuck Size 15” 10”
Max. Swing 33.5”/16.5” (over lower turret w/o BB holder) 26”
Main Spindle 4,000 rpm – 40 hp (30 min) 5,000 rpm – 30 hp (30 min)
Rotary Tools Spindle 12,000 rpm – 25 hp (20% ED) 12,000 rmp – 25 hp (20% ED)
Second Spindle YES YES
Lower Turret YES NO
Tailstock NO NO

Mini Gears is well renowned for input into design and cost saving ideas for machining requirements and we have helped many of our customers achieve their optimum target design as well as help reduce manufacturing costs.

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