We provide a sub-assembly service to assist your production line.

Are you looking to save some time and costs in production workflow? Maybe we can help. We offer a sub-assembly service for the parts we have manufactured for you and send you the complete, ready to use unit. All we need from you is the assembly drawing and procedure where applicable.

Gear Box Assembly

Gear Box Assembly

Pre-assembly of Drive Systems

Pre-assembly of Drive Systems

The Finishing Touches

Mini Gears manufactures on average 135,000 parts each month with 175 different variants, so we are fully competent at dealing with a multitude of components! We arrange for any additional subcontract operations such as heat treatment and surface finishing and provide an etching service for components that need part marking.

Attaching Fixing Strips to Racks

Inserting Helicoils

Part Marking

Supplied in Kits

We can also offer bespoke packaging, designed by Mini Gears, for delivering components to you in a pre-assembled kit form, ready to use on your assembly line.

There are many other specific assemblies we do for our customers.  To find out if we can help you with your requirements, please call or email us to discuss.

Bespoke Packaging

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