Gear Grinding up to 400mm diameter

For customers requiring a high precision gear Mini Gears offers a subcontract CNC Gear Grinding service and we can either make complete or gear grind only.

Range of Ground Gears

A range of Ground Gears

Gear Grinding at our UK facility

The gear grinding operation is a final finishing process that removes any small deviation on a gear tooth and is widely regarded as the most accurate way of finishing a high precision gear.

This process is widely used in industries such as automotive, marine, pump manufacture, printing equipment plus many other uses where noise, accuracy and high performance are critical to the finished product.

Gear Grinding on Hoeflers

Hoefler Helix 400K and Hoefler Promat 400 CNC Gear Grinding machines with full CNC control

Reduced set up times on Hoeflers

Set up times on the Hoefler machines are vastly reduced compared to high production machines. Ground gear blanks are checked for bore concentricity on our Mitutoyo S574 high accuracy CMM

Small / Medium volume batches with low tooling cost

The Hoefler gear grinding machine is one of the most accurate machines available on the market and under the correct set up grades up to Din 5 can be achieved on a production basis.

What makes the machine unique is that the grinding wheel can be trimmed on the CNC controlled machine to achieve a huge range of gear pitches without having to order specific grinding wheels associated with high volume production machines.

Also special gear forms can be programmed and tested which is very helpful with new designs or enhancing the performance in such industries as Autosport.

We can produce all types of spur and helical gears including splines up to 400mm diameter. We are limited to 350mm in-house CNC gear inspection. For special applications we can now gear grind from solid blanks.

Range of Ground Gears and Shafts

A large range of Gears and Shafts can be ground on the Hoeflers

Ground Spur and helical gears

Spur & helical gears can be ground up to 400mm dia. (and checked up to 350mm dia.) on our CNC testing machine

Final Inspection and Services Offered

We can offer either a make complete or gear grinding only service with all our gears inspected and checked to the highest standards.

All parts are measured on our in-house Gleason 350GMS CNC gear testing machine which accurately measures all tolerances and produces a graph representing the finished grade of gear.

Gear Testing on Gleason 350GMS

The brand new Gleason 350GMS Gear Testing Machine for diameters up to 350mm

graph showing gear grid

A finished graph is produced showing all the tolerances and grade of gear achieved

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